Company Description

WEB International Publishing has two main divisions—(1) Publishing & (2) Consulting.

(1) The Publishing Division

WEB International Publishing publishes literature of other writers that have a story to tell. This is inclusive of autobiographies, non-fiction stories, and fiction stories. 

(2) The Consulting Division

WEB International Publishing is a “think tank” network service with members that share the basic idea of creating a peaceful world. It assists people, businesses, and companies in meeting their objectives by providing market and industry research, business analyses, and a person-to-person network for better human relations. The projects are research based. It connects past, present, and future projections of the client’s ideas to bring success to their plans. In addition to ideas based on human relationships and feelings combined in the project, the objective is to create the scenario for our client’s long-term goal.

WEB International Publishing believes in the Company’s coined slogan, “Put your vision in motion!” We help authors make their “in print” dreams a reality.

WEB International Publishing