Black Samurai - Global Footprint


Inspiration for writing this book:​

BLACK  SAMURAI is a "guide on how being culturally sound will open up different worlds to you!" Work, Travel, Culture, Religion, Struggle, & Perspective of a Black American Man are the encounters Wayne Erwin Brown illustrates in this book. Mr. Brown’s experience in Japan has left Japanese people with a sense of clarity demonstrated through his educational and work conduct. This includes working for the Japanese Government "Monbusho" Ministry of Education as a participant in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, a conversation schoolteacher, an instructor with Doho University, and establishing contracts to work with Panasonic, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Aisin Seiki, and Sony. 

Author’s words: I have had an incredible and unique journey experienced in living and traveling internationally. Everyday has brought something new. And although there are many traveling and having an international experience books written, my book stands at the frontier in that it is written from my perspective as a Black American. For every country that I traveled to, I met and exchanged with people. In my own words, I had a good time hanging out and “vibing” with people. My experience has also been filled with life's challenges. Things weren't always easy, but I tried to make the best out of my situation.

God has your back, but you have to MOVE to see things getting done.

Perpetually Healthy, Good-Looking & Rich


Book overview:
Dr. Gabriel Osaheni Aghedo gives you secrets of becoming and remaining young, healthy, good-looking, happy and rich forever! The age-long search for the fountain of youth is neatly opened up for you in this great book. The secrets revealed in this book, when enthusiastically and persistently practiced, will make you live much longer than you could have ever imagined and still be very good-looking, smart (intelligent), gloriously healthy, healing, lucky, happy and fabulously rich!

Holistic describes patient care in which the physical, mental, spiritual and social factors of the patient are considered and treated. The diagnosed disease is only the less than 10% visible part of an ice-berg. Naturopathic is simply a professional jargon that means natural. Holistic/Naturopathic Doctors are the general practitioners of natural healing or natural medicine or Naturopathic medicine. There are many kinds of Natural Healing, Dr. Gabriel Osaheni Aghedo discusses (1) Faith Healing, (2) Suggestions Therapy which includes Auto- or Self-Suggestions Therapy and the Suggestions Therapy done by a practitioner on a patient, and (3) Diet and Nutrition.

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

​Author's overview:

My Name is Floyd Brown, and I am the founder and principal developer for UNIEK Mobile, a full service app development company in California, USA, specializing in customer engagement and mobile visibility for small businesses. I have a Masters of Science degree in Software engineering, with over 15 years of developing hardware and software systems. Since 2012, I have been helping small businesses grow and maximize their return on investments (ROI).


In this book, you will learn why your small business needs its own Mobile App to be successful. According to Forbes Magazine, most Americans spend on average, 170 minutes a day on a mobile device. So, what does that mean for you as a small business...MOBILE VISIBILITY is a must. Fortune 500 companies get it! 95% of them have their own Mobile App. Today, more than ever, it is essential for small businesses to know their customer interest, engage as much as possible, and build a reputable brand to be successful.  

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