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Evangeline M. Mitchell, Juris Doctor, Harvard Graduate, Author, Businesswoman, JET Alumni—Houston, USA

“Wayne is someone who had the charisma, fortitude, intelligence and resilience to make the Japan experience work for him, took advantage of it to the absolute fullest and is now ready to allow the world to share in the amazing existence that he has carved for himself in the unlikely East.”

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This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company.

Dr. Lyle Francis De Souza, Harvard Ph.D., Businessman, JET Alumni—London, England

“Wayne’s overall experience in Japan proves the dynamism of the man and his inspirational ‘can do’ attitude towards everything despite considerable linguistic, cultural and sometimes prejudicial barriers.”

Dr. Hiroyuki Shibata, M.D., Vice President Shibata Clinic—Tokyo, Japan

“This book shows how Wayne has explored the old and new ways of Japan while taking advantage of culture, language, and lifestyle opportunities. Truly a rewarding life experience.”

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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Embassy of Ghana

Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, Ambassador of Ghana to Japan

“My perception of “Samurai” is summed-up by Yesugi Kenshin (1530-1578) thus—“Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive…” Mr. Brown, a Black-man, in a demonstrably difficult culture environment, determined to make it and actually making it, reflects my understanding of the ‘Samurai Spirit.’ Mr. Brown must have decided that prejudice – real or potential – should be the other person’s problem and that his to hold onto and operate with the will to succeed. Herein lies the ‘Black Samurai Spirit.’ Mr. Brown offers it and I believe you would want to take hold of it.”

​Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique

Daniel Antonio, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Mozambique to Japan

“I read with particular the book, entitled “Black Samurai” and got deeply impressed by the quality of its content and information. I found it to be increasingly interesting, informative, useful and updated document on culture, religion and peoples of Japan. It provides important insights into the heart and history of Japanese people. The author’s ability to master the Japanese names and places and to share his experiences and challenges of his travels not only in Japan but also all over the world was remarkable. Here is a truly writer without borders! I recommend its reading to anybody visiting or posted to Japan, including businessmen, students, politicians and diplomats.

Cheryl Brown, California State 47 District Assemblymember—San Bernardino, USA

“As a very busy person, I was amazed at how Black Samurai kept my attention. I couldn't put it down and read it in one setting. Author Wayne Brown is truly a remarkable young man who continues to stretch his boundaries. His approach to multiculturism is refreshing.”

Toshiyuki Onji, President Mind & Global Communication School—Tokyo, Japan

“Traveling internationally and communicating with those of foreign cultures is one of the best forms of education. This is a key point Wayne informs in his book.”

Alfredo J. Lopez III, President & Principal Consultant, LOPEZ & Associates-Consultants At Work—San Diego, USA

“Mr. Brown tells the story of the road less traveled. His work, learning and insight benefits those contemplating their own journey or simply interested in a perspective outside their own invisible privilege. Employers, employees in transition, and anyone ready to pick up a walking stick will enjoy his offerings and be inspired to document their own...”

Wendy Alexander, IT Project Consultant, Entrepreneur, mother and author of Chocolate and Vanilla—Melbourne, Australia

“Black Samurai is a journey of a man who embarked on an adventure of experiencing another culture. Like most journeys, this journey is so much more than someone experiencing another language, another country or another nation. It is the journey of a man who discovers more of himself through his experiences with others and learns that his Spirit is strong, is adaptable when it needs to be and is unrelenting in it's ability to endure. A courageous journey by a courageous man."

Koichi Kitada, Post Tokorozawa Board of Education AET Administrator, Head Teacher of Koyo Junior High School—Saitama, Japan

“It was quite interesting to read Black Samurai from the Japanese point of view.  For Japanese people, we think it is usually difficult for Western people to understand our culture. For example, the word "Giri Ninjou" in Japanese is hard to translate into English, but it may be translated as meaning “obligation and heart.” This is not the exact English translation, however through Wayne's book I felt he understood what "Giri Ninjou" means. He is always ready to experience Japanese culture and is open to communicate with Japanese people. Through his interaction with Japanese people, he could really understand the meaning of this word. Some people say that "Giri Ninjou" is old fashioned, but I don't think so. "Giri Ninjou" is the most important part of Japanese people's inner thought. It is also the “short cut” to understand Japanese people correctly. I'm afraid that the younger generation of Japanese people forgot or don’t realize the importance of this word. I would like them to read Black Samurai.

Louise Washington, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, QUALCOMM IT Computer
Accounts Specialist, AVON Beauty Advisor, YahWay Travel Agent, Mother, and Wife—San Diego, USA

“Wayne trail blazes into a foreign land with new perspective using “Black Samurai” to illustrate the mystery of Japan in a refreshing light to expose life, awareness, and appreciation for the culture, language, and people. I am encouraged by his experiences and trust that many others who read this book will be impacted to go beyond their comfort zones and driven into a new phase of boldness. Truly awesome to witness dynamic differences bridged together through the education and reflection of courage to overcome boundaries of prejudice. Thank you for confirming that much can be accomplished with a believing heart and strive for excellence!!”

Sanath Bodahandi, Senior Partner CBC Co.,LTD, Entrepreneur—Colombo, Sri Lanka/ Tokyo, Japan

“After I read Black Samurai, I thought the book expressed a great experience of foreigner who was living in Japan for several years. Just as well, I got a good understanding through reading the book. Black Samurai shows how a foreigner can learn the customs, survive, and deal with the difficulties of living in Japan.”

Shaundra Brown, BA-Black Studies from University of California Santa Barbara, MS-Counselor Education from Mississippi State University—Mississippi, USA

“Wayne writes with courage, passion and honesty and provides a new generation with a critical link to the Black experience abroad. Wayne illustrates that institutional racism still exists and with his strength and resilience he perseveres to breakdown stereotypes, impart cultural and historical knowledge, and work to improve interpersonal and race relations in Japan. These are important attributes for an MBA program and business relations abroad as well as at home. Well done Wayne!”

Keiko Takemoto, Translator, Mother—Tokyo, Japan

“For Japanese, we often associate Black people with athletes who win Olympics, or show us excellent performance in sports and music like jazz, Gospel, and raps. This book shows us so much more!”

Baye Kes-Ba-Me-Ra, Pan-African Associations of America—San Diego, USA

“The significant thing about "Black Samurai" is that it exposes young African adults in America to the idea that they must travel. Going to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. is not traveling. In going outside of the United States for travel, there is so much that no text book can ever teach. The world is a smaller place and African people in America must begin to learn that the opportunities they seek can no longer be confined to the borders of the U.S. These opportunities must be extended to the world. And any African person who claims to be an entrepreneur or business person who has never left the confines of the U.S. must begin to question the integrity of making that claim.”

Michelle Nelson Caro, Singer, Songwriter, Educator—Dallas, USA

“I love to read, but because of the demands of singing, teaching and motherhood, I purchase books as a "reward" for myself. Otherwise, I would just spend my time reading! None the less, this is what led me to Wayne Brown’s website. I said, "God, I want to read something that will inspire me. Black Samurai did just that!”

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